Correct Way To Mulch Around Tree Base

mulch around tree to cover roots

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Interested in learning some tips about the correct way to mulch around tree bases? If you look at trees in the forest, they don’t need mulch. There isn’t mulch around any of those trees and they do just fine. Mulch serves no purpose for established trees other than what some people see as decorative, and many ill-advised modern mulching practices actually harming your trees. Read this article, “You’re Mulching Wrong- 5 Things to Know About How to Mulch,” for more helpful tips.

So, if people feel they must use mulch around their trees, there are two rules they should follow.

  1. Don’t let any kind of mulch ever touch the trunk of the tree. Trees are healthiest when their root flare is visible and all of the bark is exposed to the air, allowing that bark to ‘breathe’ and stay dry. Trees that are ‘volcano mulched’ with big moist piles of wood up against their trunks are guaranteed to have shorter lives, as that constantly moist bark invites rot, insects and vermin to kill the tree.
  2. Don’t let any mulch be deeper than two inches. Overly-deep mulching prevents rainwater from reaching the roots.
    Yes, this is the opposite of what you often see, especially in public spaces. And every time you see wood trash wrapped around a tree, it is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Now, it is very unusual for grass to grow right up to a tree and for both tree and turf to thrive.  Mulching correctly will ensure no grass growth near the trees and provide a decorative appeal.  At Torres Tree Service we can get your landscape in tip top shape with our landscaping design and installation services. Call now for a free estimate.

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