Average Cost Of Large Tree Removal

What Does Tree Removal Really Cost? The average cost of large tree removal is predicated on certain factors. The factors can affect the cost of tree trimming services from a range of $80 to as much as $1500 or more. Tree trimming companies can charge by the hour, or quote price for tree trimming or […]

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Best Time to Trim Trees
tree trimming, pruning shears

When is the best time of year to trim tree limbs and cut back shrubs? The best time to trim trees and prune shrubs is during the late winter. Trimming during the dormant season is ideal because: The wounds heal faster, keeping the plant strong. There is less risk of disease or pest infestation. There […]

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Tree Stump Decoration and Ideas

Tree Stump Ideas and Decorations These tree stump decoration and ideas make fabulous centerpieces for backyard landscaping. Tree stumps in the middle of your yard can be an eye sore. Stumps can be transformed into various, creative, and eye catching decorations. Grinding away the stump is not your only option, thus makes tree stumps are a perfect center piece materials. […]

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