How To Install Christmas Lights On An Outdoor Tree


Quick Tree Wrapping Tips

Christmas lights are either a joy to put up or a pain in the grass, but how to install Christmas lights on an outdoor tree? Most trees are wrapped the length of the trunk and approximately 3-4′ high in the extending branches. Keep in mind that not every branch needs to be wrapped, and branches should be selected to allow for an even, eye pleasing spread of lights.  If you need to purchase holiday lights, you can purchase them from many places like, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon.

The following steps to wrap trees:

  1. Starting at the base of the tree with the first string of lights. Be sure the male plug is ground level to connect with your power cord.
  2. Starting with the female connection, begin wrapping the tree systematically, connecting the male end with the next light string’s female end.
  3. Wrap Christmas lights tightly, to ensure a snug fit. Lights will stay in place if wrapped tightly, but you can use zip ties to secure any loose wires or areas of concern.
  4. Increase vertical spacing of strings on branches where light strings will be wrapped up and back down.
  5. Keep light strings in close proximity to the tree to prevent wind and storm damage.

Lights for bushes and hedges

To install Christmas lights on an outdoor tree, but are more like bushes and hedges. Follow these steps to wrap your bushes and hedges with outdoor tree lights:

  • Use random patterns throughout.
  • For long sections of hedges, bring the source of power to the center of the hedges and string lights to the left and right. If your hedges are properly trimmed, it will be easier to hang lights on them.
  • Secure strings into the outer region of bushes, covering the top and 3/4 length down the sides.
  • Leave 1′ clearance from the ground to ensure lights don’t sit in water or snow.

For more helpful tips on hanging outside Christmas lights, read this article posted by Bob Vila titled, “How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside.”

Please remember to stay safe this holiday season, therefore check your previously used lights for damage to the cords.  Where you would see exposed wire. Safety first! Happy Holidays!

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