Landscaping Services

landscapeLandscaping maintenance is the most important aspect to keep your landscape looking great. Having a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden isn’t very difficult, however it does take time and the right information. Torres Tree Service is ready to assist you with maintaining flowerbeds, lawn mowing, stone and brick edging, trimming trees and bushes, sod installation and mulching your trees and flowerbeds.

Landscape Installation

At Torres Tree Service we can assist with installing:

  1. Stone patio or pathway – Includes firepits, walkways, gazebo foundations
  2. Stone or brick edging – Keeping your flowers beds and your lawn separated.
  3. Elevated flower beds – Elevated flowerbeds are great for adding variety to a flat landscape.

For any landscaping need, please contact Torres Tree Service for a free consultation.

small landscaping with rocks and stone edging
Backyard Landscaping with Rock Mulch and Stone Edging
landscape patio wood decks
Backyard Social Area with Wood Deck and Walls
Stone Pathway landscaping
Stone Pathway Landscaping