New Sod Grass – Soil Preparation and Sod Installation

sod*installationTorres Trees Service will inspect and examine your landscape or premises and review your options with you.  Sod grass installation is simple, but hard work.  For most lawns we can get your soil ready and have the sod layed down in just a few hours.  Then our team will tell you how to care for your new grass after installation to insure a healthy root system.

The three most common type of grass or sod available:

  1. Zoysia – Very popular in Texas.  Good in shade or sun and requires a moderate amount of watering.
  2. Bermuda – Very tough grass, does well in sun.  Requires little watering.
  3. St Augustine – Similar to Zoysia in appearance with thick dark green grass blades.  Prefers shade and requires the most amount of watering.

The sod installation process includes removing the old turf, then tilling up the top soil.  Once your sod is in place, we roll the sod to ensure best contact with the soil so roots can take hold and spread successfully.  You will want to stay off of the grass for 2 weeks and keep it moist.  Water twice per day for 1 week and then once per day for another week.

Torres Tree Service is ready to sod your landscape and create the lawn you’ve always wanted to show off! Call now for a free estimate.

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