tree services in Irving, TX

Full Service Tree Company in Irving Texas

The goal of Torres Tree Service is to the maintain proper care of trees, shrubs, grass and landscape. We offer top level customer satisfaction for Irving tree services.

Torres Tree Service is dedicated to the proper maintenance and care of trees. Our services are customized to your specific property and cover many areas including:

  1. Tree Planting – Let us know what kind of tree you are looking for and we can bring it to you and plant it.
  2. Tree & Shrub Trimming – Maintaining your tree growth and keeping your branches cut, helps the tree thrive and prevents limbs from damage and potential falling hazards.
  3. Tree Removal – When your trees become a problem on your property, Torres Tree Service will take care of removing any tree.
  4. Stump Grinding – Tree stumps can be unsightly and become an obstacle in your yard.  We can grind those stumps and clear out any surface roots from the old stumps.  It’s fast and easy with our commercial tools.

To receive the best tree service in Irving Texas, Call Torres Tree Service today to get you free custom quote.