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Torres Tree Service is committed to providing our customers with reliable, professional tree care services in Grapevine Texas.

path-of-treesThe goal of Torres Tree Service is to the maintain proper care of trees and shrubs in your yard or landscape. We offer top level options for Grapevine tree services.

  • Maintaining your trees’ growth and keeping your branches cut, helps the tree thrive and prevents limbs from damage and potential falling hazards.
  • Trimming Bushes and Shrubs provides a clean look to your landscape and triggering healthy growth.
  • Torres Tree Service will take care of any potential problems from storm damage to diseased trees by removing large, fallen limbs or by removing any tree.
  • Stump grinding, we can grind those stumps and clear out any root left over from those stumps.

Call Torres Tree Service today to get you free custom quote and receive the best tree service in Grapevine TX.